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PR, Giveaway, Review and Contact Information
Unless otherwise noted, my
immediate household does all reviews – this including myself, my husband, our
toddler daughter and our elementary aged daughter. This
blog’s focus is on family and special needs parenting.   Please keep in mind what works for
us may not work for you or your family.
We understand. Ultimately we wish to share information, resources and
reviews on all things family friendly.
 While a majority of readers are female with young children
residing in the US, all readers are able to benefit in their own way to the
ideas, products and opinions shared.
Here at Briella's Journey we offer product reviews, site reviews,
giveaways,  sponsored posts and social media advertising.  There will be full disclosure of the policies set into place by FTC along with abiding by all terms of social media. 
 A full sized, unused product is needed for all reviews and will not be returned as it becomes Briella's Journey possession and property. All giveaways run roughly 2 weeks, unless otherwise discussed.  All advertising and ad space must be paid in full before it will be published to the website.  Lastly, I reserve the right to refuse any product, social media advertising, giveaway, sponsored post, ad space etc. if I feel is not a
correct fit for what I’d like featured on this blog.
Please contact me with any questions, concerns or inquiries on ad space,
product reviews or more information. Also, contact me to discuss terms.

Review Information

A full size product is needed in
order to review, shipped directly to Briella's Journey at the expense
of the product’s supplier.  The item will not be returned once it is in the possession of Briella's Journey and is then the property of Briella's Journey.  I reserve the right to refuse any products that I feel are not compatible with what is featured on Briella's Journey.  The review posts will be linked back to the supplier’s main page and will be featured through Facebook, Twitter, and in many cases Instagram. A pinned image may also be shared. Review time frame and publishing can be discussed prior to taking on any review.

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