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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 7- 1 Week Young

Our little miracle is a week young today!! Almost back up to her birth weight!! We are so grateful for this tiny person to remind us how amazing life is.
Daddy got to see her finally today!!!
Briella's head ultrasound wasn't until after 3pm so we will not have the results back until tomorrow. I waited until 4:30 to leave today, waiting on them to put her picc line in. Her nurse told me it would be tomorrow since it was so late so I came home to be with Aubrey. They ended up trying to put it in but were unsuccessful. They have her sedated with morphine. I'm starting to get frustrated with her care. This morning when I came in to her room, I saw that there was an open pack of formula. When the dr made her rounds, I asked if they had decide to use formula, and she said no. I pointed out what I saw & they read her charts & saw that the nurse had given it to her. We have a different nurse every 12 hours. A nurse who isn't familiar with Briella. I was told that if they ran out of milk they would just let her hang until more came since she is also on iv nourishment. They were too worried that formula would mess with her gut.
Today an alarm was going off & I sat in the room for 5 minutes before some other nurse came to silence it. The entire time I was watching my daughter become adjetated from the noise. Her hearing is the last thing to develop so she is so very sensitive to noise. Another time her oxygen level had dropped below the safe line & her alarm was going off. A nurse should've been in there to start her oxygen. Instead I was just begging her to be strong an get her numbers up. No one ever even knew that happened.
Please pray for Briella's staff to be alert to her needs and that they have the knowledge to preform all procedures correctly. Also please pray that we hear positive news tomorrow from her ultrasound.
She is also scheduled for a heart echo tomorrow. Her murmur is still really loud and hasn't fixed itself like they hoped it would. If the echo shows that her heart is under stress, she will be put on medicine. So pray for positive results from the echo as well.


  1. Stay Strong Stacy! Prayer's are going up for You, Brielle, Brian, Aubry, and Staff taking care of Brielle! God Bless,

  2. Hang in there! I will continue thinking of you and Baby Briella!

  3. Been reading your posts, and can tell that your baby girl gets her strength from her mama.

    My daughter had a bad bleed in her brain when she was a year old, and was in the hospital for 3 months after that. It is not the same situation, at all, but I can relate to how frustrating certain nurses and doctors can be about the care of your child. I'm going to give you a piece of advice that another parent had to give me (a few actually, i'm a slow learner). You are your childs voice, her advocate. Pitch a fit if you are unhappy with her care. Request specific nurses not be used, report bad care. Keep a journal of each time you see something that can be seen as negligent (O2 levels being down for that time period without someone coming to check IS negligent). Usually your staff is overworked and tired, and honestly trying the best they can... but if your child isn't being taken care of to your happiness, say something. Get new nurses or doctors. Continue to ask questions (like the formula!)

    I would come to my daughters room (after telling the nurse station i was leaving to eat) and find my daughter covered in dried vomit. The first time, i was very nice about it. Mistakes happen, yadda yadda. The second time I threw a fit, and it never happened a third.

    Don't feel guilty for voicing your daughters needs. Make notes of what your doctors say and the days they say them. Make them understand that YOU understand what is going on. And, of course, thank the staff when they are doing a good job so they know they are being appreciated when they do their job properly (I would sometimes bring in a pizza for the nurse station).
    You are doing an amazing job. You are an incredible woman, and you and your family have an incredible journey ahead of you. I'll be keeping ya'll in my thoughts!

  4. What good advice! When I had levi and was in the hospital my sister acted as my advocate because I didn't know any better on certain issues. Once I finally nicely voiced my opinion to a nurse about being forgotten about four times in a row on different issues by hospital staff (they said they would do something but did not). The nurse gave the most honest answer: she said it was because I was so easy going and they were busy dealing with the high maintenance moms. I will never forget that if my kid's in the hospital. Great advice given above on keeping track and asking questions! If they see you writing things down maybe they'll pay more attention. Thank them often but demand good care :) it's just so important.


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