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Monday, October 22, 2012

What a Great Monday Surprise!

Saturday Mommy couldn't come see Briella because I wasn't feeling well. Daddy got to visit. Sunday the nurse told us how strong Briella was. Apparently during a diaper change she got herself in the downward facing dog yoga position!
Today, Monday, I lost my keys. I thought Brian had taken them to work but hours later found them under a pile of fabric I was using to reupholster a glider for Briella's room. When I finally got to the hospital, I walked in and immediately heard air escaping loudly from her isolette (incubator.) I threw my stuff down and went to look for the leak. I then freak out thinking I'm in the wrong room because this child does not have a breathing tube down her throat! I look around and see our pictures still on the wall and try to process what's going on. No nurse is around. I look hard at her and it is my child! She has this new device that goes around her head and over her nose now. It's called a CPAP. Briella is off the ventilator!! The only tube she has down her throat now is her small feeding tube. The Dr had came in this morning an said that since everyday they keep weening her vent settings lower and lower, that we need to see how she does breathing on her own!! Her vent is still in the corner of her room in case she needs to be reintabated. Again I was told that babies can sometimes hold their own for a couple days an then have to be put back on the ventilator. They told me when she was born that babies hold their own for a few days then things turn bad. However I have an extreme fighter. I know that she will prevail.
She is the smallest baby in this hospital and I am so proud at how well she is doing. My heart is full of joy. I cried so much when nurse told me she was doing so well that we had to try the CPAP. This is our first (of MANY) step to coming home. I was told about a week ago that once you go off the vent steadily that you're chances of going home are greater. I feel it in my heart. We ARE bringing our daughter home and our family WILL be complete.
Oh and on a side note, our lil teeny baby is up to 1 pound 9 ounces!! 710 grams!! And she is up to 12ml every 3 hours and they are adding 26 calories to every feeding.
Please pray that Briella does well on the CPAP, that her PDA & murmur close and that she stays infection free.

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  1. I found your blog through the WTE January Moms FB group. I just wanted to let you know that I have been following Briella's story for quite a while now. She is one amazing baby and truly is a fighter!

    My husband and I pray for Briella and your family every night. Stay strong mama and keep writing!


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