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Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 11- Daddy got to hold her!

Briella had a good day today. She was weened down on her support. She had her last iv line pulled from her belly button. She is up to 8ml on her feedings. She is up to 660 grams in weight!
Guess what our sweet lil angel did today! This little tiny girl ripped her feeding tube out of her stomach & out of her mouth!!!! I can't believe she was able to pull it all the way out!

Daddy got to hold her for the first time today. He looked so comfortable with her & said her couldn't wait to be holding her at home watching football.

We did a little work in the nursery tonight. I have put a picture of our progress.

I guess no news is good news! Tomorrow is my day to hold again!


  1. Hey Stacy. I'm from theWTE Jan board. I have been following your blog since you started having complications. You are such a strong woman and I pray for you and baby Bri several times a day. The moment I wake up, I come straight to your blog to check on her. Your sweet little miracle is truly an inspiration! I'm glad to see how hard she is fighting!

  2. Daddy looks SO proud of his baby girl! She's getting so strong, WTG Briella!
    Lori (Elle-Girls in Manitoba, Canada)

  3. Hey there pretty momma.....I am a fellow mom on the January 2013 WTE group.... I have been following you since day one. First I want to say that your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and one miracle baby!!! I am so thrilled that you and daddy got to hold her. I can't imagine the worry you guys go thru constantly but I do want to share this with you---My nephew was born at 2lb 7oz. He fought hard for his life and was resuscitated multiple times right after birth. He is now a wonderful ornery 2 1/2 yr old who gives new meaning to the terrible twos. My point is, never give up. Always keep your chin up. This little girl of yours is a fighter and will pull thru. My prayers are with you and your family constantly. So much so that sometimes it consumes me, always hoping for the best. With God's graces, you and your new little family will be home before you know it, hopefully just in time for the holidays :) You always have us at WTE to lean on momma. Loves Hugs and Prayers sent your way :)


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