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Thursday, October 4, 2012

23 weeks 6 days-struggling

Yesterday morning they took me off magnesium as I was having no contractions & felt good. Bleeding started getting heavy around dinner. Then came the stomach tightening then cramping. The nurse said I just had anxiety so gave me a Tylenol for cramping & something for anxiety. Within half hour they were contractions & I was dilating again. These were most painful. Went back on the mag. My body boiled. Taste like batteries are in my mouth. All last night it only slowed them down. They were intense until about 530am. Still having contractions but not so painful & far apart. They are taking me off the mag again around 11am. Dr says hopefully it was just a bad night & I can have good nights. He wants to get another couple weeks out of me. I am so scared to go off. My pain from contractions hasn't been addressed. I don't know how many nights like that I can handle. Brian has to work & leaves early in the mornings. He is really the only person I want here or that i can handle seeing me like this.
PLEASE pray that heavy bleeds & contractions stay away & that I am able to stay calm & comfortable through this. The only thing that can get me through this is prayer.

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  1. Heavenly Father, we humbly ask for healing and mercy for Stacy and her precious baby. This family has endured so much and their goal is a healthy baby and mommy. Please give the caregivers compassion, understanding and wisdom in finding the best strategies for prolonging Stacy's pregnancy while allowing Stacy to rest more comfortably. Most importantly, we pray that you will be glorified in all circumstances and that we can encourage Stacy, Brian, Aubrey, Kim, Mark and the rest of their family. Father, you are the ultimate Healer and we earnestly submit Briella to your healing hands. - Anna


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