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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 25

Daddy changed his first diaper yesterday!! I am glad they allow us to partake in Briella's care. We can take her temperature, change diapers, clean her mouth, massage her head and hold her for hours!! It seems as though her hair might be getting a little darker. Grandma & Daddy think Briella has blue eyes.

Briella is having some drainage from her eyes that is concerning me. Drs are just massaging her eye a couple times a day in hopes that it is just blocked ducts. She will have her 1st eye exam in about 3 weeks.
She is doing well on CPAP & seems to be having less spells than earlier in the week. Right now there isn't any changes to her care, just letting her get big...ger. Tonight she is up to 770 grams, 1lb 11oz & 13 inches long!!! I am so thankful!

A nurse told me today that babies that do as well as Briella can expect to go home before their due date, around 37 weeks! Which would be right after Christmas/1st of the year. This makes me so excited! I finally heard what I have been needing to hear, they believe she is coming home as much as I do.

Life for me is getting a little more normal. She cries just a little more, when her binkie falls out, or she's too warm, or she has a dirty diaper. She makes these amazing little noises that I love listening to. I love the sound of her sucking on her binkie. Just normal baby stuff. I went way to long without hearing a peep from her!

Please pray that Briella stays infection free, that her PDA closes and her brain bleed goes away.

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  1. OMGoodness!!!! Look how big shes getting!!!! I follow this as I too had a preemie baby except I had twins. I love reading her progress!!!!


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