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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Two little lines and "we're pregnant is said,
"What to Expect While Expecting" is bought and read.
Everyone's excited and our family is filled with joy and pride,
No one could know that we were in for a very long ride.

She's coming early, way too early, 23 weeks 5 days to be exact
50% chance of blindness, deafness or something not intact.
She's whisked away in a life saving charlot of electronics and gas,
Having no idea if or how long our little angel would last.

1 lb 7 oz's so small she seem unreal,
We're so scared to touch her to see how she feels.
So fragile, so beautiful, so tiny, so wonderfully sweet,
From her hairy body & transparent skin to her minuscule feet.

So it began with oscillators, antibiotics & bilirubin lights,
We'd visit during the day & wait by the phone at nights.
Everyday a new issue, the roller coaster up or down,
News that would bring a smile, tear or a frown.

Then it's graduating to ventilators with leaks & all kinds of settings,
Charts & POC's & the first diaper wettings.
Prayers to hear crying or to see that first poop,
Pumping at 3 am, then calling the NICU for the latest scoop.

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