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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Heart Echo Update/ Day 9

Briella has a large PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) in her heart. Right now it is not causing any other symptoms. They are not wanting to give her medicine for it right now because the meds cause bleeding & we don't want that with the brain bleeding. So we need the brain bleed to stop so that we can treat the heart. Also the more time that we wait on the meds the less likely it is to work. Another issue is the picc line. In 3 days she can be at full feedings which is 10ml every 3 hours. The only medicines she's on can be given orally. So they are hoping that she tolerates her feeds so they will not need to have a picc line. If they do have to start the heart medicine, they will have to stop the feedings. It will also cause her kidneys not to work as well and could cause problems with her stomach.

Now for some good news.. I just got a call from Briella's nurse that she has popped her right eye open!! I knew she was going to be an ornery one all along. I've been telling her for days that she can't open them until I get back. Well she already isn't listening. The nurse said that its just a dark pupil at this point but will change as she gets older. But maybe we have a brown eyed girl on our hands?! Can't wait to see the princess with an eye open tomorrow!!
She is also up to 650 grams which is her birth weight of 1lb 7oz!!!

Please pray that the PDA closes on its own soon. Pray that Briella continues to tolerate her feedings. Pray that her brain bleed is resolved soon and Pray that she stays infection free.


  1. I am from WTE January board, and have been thinking about Briella and your family alot. You are a very strong woman... Praying Briella continues to stay strong...She is such a beatiful baby girl!
    Krystal, Ontario, Canada

  2. She will overcome these obstacles! She is definitely a fighter :) Thank you for keeping your blog up to date, baby Briella is in my thoughts daily. Sending you all best wishes!
    Lori (Elle-Girls in Manitoba, Canada)

  3. You are ALL in our prayers daily! Every day is a gift!

  4. Thank You for the daily updates when you have time... I know your days are busy to the highest degree. You, Briella, Aubry and Brian are in my Every Prayer and Upmost Thoughts! You all are amazingly Strong and Pray that God will Stregnthen You All in All His Graceful Ways!!!


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