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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 2 NICU

I cannot stop staring at her. Briella is just such a miracle. I was taken back today when one of the nurses was commenting on what a trooper she was. She said that she heard she was born in a bed. I forget that I was not in labor & delivery room. I was not in stirrups. I was laying in my bed. Crazy for me to think about. None of this has set in except that there is a tiny girl that I love with everything I have.
Today was uneventful. Which is great. We have hit the 48 hour mark. Every 4 hours she is rotated so that her skin is not getting too worn in one place. Her gas tests have been pushed back from every 4 hours to every 8 hours since she's doing well. After being adjusted to a new position tonight, she wasn't happy. She squirms all around & opens her mouth like she is crying. I put my hand on her backside & whispered to her for awhile. She was so calm & still & peaceful. It made me feel like I was actually able to do a "mom" job & not just sit around and watch. I got to comfort my baby and it was amazing. Then every time she moved the rest of the night, I was like "oh she needs her mommy!"
I am getting to stay an additional 72 hrs at the hospital since she's in the NICU. I love to just be able to be right downstairs from her.
I don't think I've said this yet, but after delivery Thursday when they asked her name there was no doubt that her middle name should be Colette. For those that read the significance of the name Colette know how true it rang for us.
They gave me a little blanket dolly thing to sleep with on my chest. They put it right by her nose in the incubator so she can smell mama. They say she will recognize the scent from being in me.
She is on light therapy to help her skin & looks so dang cute in her little "sunglasses."
Tonight she will have to have a guard replaced that holds the tubes inside her in. I pray that she will tolerate all the movement well & will stay comfortable.
She will have another blood transfusion most likely tomorrow.
I'm off to sleep so I can hurry up & wake up and go see the princess.

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