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Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh how nice it is to be home!

I cannot even put into words how much we have enjoyed being home with Briella! We have our routine down & I'd say it's working great. Brian feeds Brie at 6am before work, so I get a stretch of sleep between 4:30am-7:50am & when he gets home I am able to take another nap between 3-4pm. It's so nice to be home & actually able to keep up with housework. This is the cleanest my house has been since August when I went on bedrest! When Briella was in the hospital, when I was at home in the evenings I just wanted to be spending that time with Aubrey. Then would wake up & rush to the hospital. It just feels good to be home.

Briella is gaining weight perfectly. They would like her to gain between 18-30 grams a day. The first week home she gained an average of 33 grams a day & the second week an average of 29 grams. As of her last home health visit on Valentine's Day, she weighed 8lbs 13 ounces!!!!!

I want to thank "Just Between Friends-Lees Summit" for the fundraiser!!! If you have never heard of JBF, you need to google it & like them on facebook (JBF Lees Summit). It is a HUGE high end consignment sale that has absolutely everything for kids!!! I mean more clothing than ANY retail store would have!! On top of clothes they have absolutely everything you need for a child from birth through Tweens. Toys, furniture, strollers, swings, maternity clothes, bottles, diapers, Boppys, ect. When I was pregnant with Briella I went to my first JBF sale. I got all the basics, lots of sleepers, gowns & winter outfits. I remember seeing a cute onsie that said "Miss January" & wanting to buy it but wondering if she would be a December baby so not getting it. I had no clue she would be an October baby!!! Anyways, JBF let us organize a group to work a couple of their shifts to raise money!! I am so thankful for them & for all my friends & family who helped out & donated their time! My birthday is in April so I talked my mother into letting my bday gift be clothes for the girls from the sale. It is such a thrill to find clothes that look brand new & great brands for CHEAP! I even got things that were new with the tags still on them! They only have the sales seasonally. This was the spring/summer clothing sale. There is a fall/winter & I believe a holiday sale.

We have a couple of exciting things happening tomorrow!!!! First off, Wish Upon A Hero picked Briella's Journey for their Text a Wish program! It is a 1 day event happening tomorrow Tuesday the 19th. Anyone can text the word "wish" to a certain number from their cell phone to make a one time $5 donation to Briella's Journey! I will post the info tomorrow.
Also, tomorrow starts the beginning of voting for Briella's Cutest Baby Contest. This is a local contest, one that just needs the most "likes" on her picture on facebook to win. I know with all of you that we can do this!!!! I just have a feeling that this is an answer for us. The winner receives a year of diapers, a year of wipes, a year of food, a photo shoot & a huge teddy bear. I feel if we can win this, it would take away a HUGE stress financially & let us just enjoy our daughter without worrying about money. It's $1100 for diapers, $200 for wipes, $1000 for food, a $300 photo shoot & an $80 teddy bear. This is a contest put on by Hy-Vee, a local grocery store. Could you pretty pretty please just take a moment tomorrow & like her picture on corporate hy-vee's facebook page? I will post a link tomorrow when it is published. The picture is a split picture of Briella the day she was born & her now in an aqua outfit.
Let's make Briella the cutest baby :)

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  1. i will definatly donate tomorrow! I would love to vote also! Hugs to the family!


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