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Friday, December 20, 2013

2nd Thanksgiving/Announcement

Briella's 2nd Thanksgiving was spent at home. We are in isolation due to RSV & Flu season. My parents brought over a feast. Last Thanksgiving, I had blogged about being hopeful that the next year Briella would be home with us, eating mashed potatoes. Well this girl loves her some potatoes! She also was very found of Grandpa's famous green rice & Suzie's sweet potato casserole. She can eat! She eats at least half of moms food. 

Dad nor mommy can have a plate of fold without Briella crawling to us & pulling herself up to our plate wanting not just bites, but a meal. I am so thankful for that. Our little girl who had a feeding aversion now loves to eat. I love watching her enjoy food. 

We have been blessed with an amazing honor! We are Kansas City's 2014 March of Dimes Ambassador Family!!  This means we get to share Briella's story and hopefully save other babies! Without the March of Dimes, Briella wouldn't be here. They funded the research and development of artificial surfactant. Something that Briella's lungs weren't making at birth. Without it, she would not ever have left that hospital. 
If you are local, we'd love for you to come out & walk with us! We will be speaking before the walk. 
You can join our team here:
No matter your location, you can be apart of our team! You can be a "virtual walker!"

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