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Friday, May 30, 2014

Explanation of Events

I figured I'd write a post to explain how crazy we are ;)
Miss Briella has been in very strict isolation during RSV/Flu season. She has never been to a grocery store, never been to Target. The only public she had been in was Children's Mercy or outside events like the March for Babies walk. Our goal was to keep Briella healthy her first year. We succeeded. We have been told that the reason Briella has done so well in her development is due to the fact we have kept her healthy with no re-hospitalization. Our next goal was to keep her healthy her second RSV season and that seemed an impossible task as she was denied multiple times for her monthly Synagis shots, shots that would have greatly reduced the effects of RSV on her micropreemie lungs. So we decided  to take drastic action. We home schooled big sister so she couldn't bring home any germs from school. We had groceries dropped off by my parents for SEVEN months! We didn't allow visitors and went no where. WE kept Briella healthy. It is pretty much unheard of keeping a 23 weeker as healthy as we have. I pat myself on the back for doing a great job on becoming a hermit hehe. 
Now that we have passed the second RSV season and have hit our goals of keeping Briella healthy, we are told to live a normal life. So boy are we jumping on this one. May 1st we are out of isolation, and May 6th we are jumping on a plane.

My dad was sent to Europe for work. Since he was already going to be over there, my parents offered to bring us all over to meet the family, as my Grandmother is from France. So after speaking with Briella's doctors we agreed that we shouldn't miss out on such an opportunity and that she should be fine. The only things we would have to pay for are souvenirs and some food. I didn't feel anxious and just kind of had this peaceful feeling that everything was going to be ok.
This was going to be such an emotional trip for me. It's actually happening. I sat in Briella's hospital room at night and told story after story telling her all the places we would take her and how beautiful the world is. I just couldn't imagine how a baby that had zero knowledge of fun could fight so hard when they were hurting. So I told her wonderful things. We will be taking her to Corbie, France, where my grandma was born and raised. If you have been a follower of this blog from the beginning you might remember on September 10th, 2012 I released Briella's name and the meaning behind it. There was a Saint from Corbie, the same village my grandma is from. Saint Colette received her sainthood from performing miracles on mothers that couldn't get pregnant or carry a child, bringing babies back to life and being a healer. So it was just fitting for that to be Briella's middle name.
And now, now I am taking my miracle one pound baby to Corbie to see the Saint Colette statue! Can't wait!!
We are all staying together in an apartment in Paris and my parents have rented a house in my Grandma's town.


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  2. Go to Angelina on Rue do Rivoli (it is just down from The Louvre) and have hot chocolate and macaroons, you've all earned it!


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