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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We have had an extremely busy summer! When you don't leave the house for 7 months you want to go everywhere possible. We made a lot of great memories. I can with out a doubt say that I fit in as much as possible for my girls to do this summer. France, Florida, Washington DC, Branson & Omaha oh my!

Briella has changed so much the last several months. Her legs have gotten stronger. She wears DFAOs (leg braces) and loves them. They have butterflies on them and she is quick to point out a butterfly anytime one flies by. We took her to a Butterfly Palace this summer, to show her just how beautiful she & butterflies are. Briella's speech has improved an incredible amount in the last month. She repeats a lot of what we ask her to. She says "wuhhhh wooo" (love you) and it's just the most amazing feeling to hear it. I think she must have close to 50-100 words she is able to repeat. She even sings part of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She says "Uppa Bubba" for up above.....the world so high. 

We tried to wean Briella off of her reflux medicine in June. About 3 weeks later she slowly stopped eating until we were at a full eating aversion again. After a couple weeks back on her meds she is a new kiddo, scarfing down anything we put in front of her. She still has the reflux, you can hear it come up and her swallow it, but the medicine prevents it from burning.

She even fought off her 1st upper respiratory infection without a hospital stay! We did have multiple trips to the drs & ER and it took over 20 days to get over, but she did it!

This kid is completely a typical toddler. She enjoys climbing on furniture followed by diving right off it. She has a swing & slide in the living room that she spends a great amount of time on each day. The backside of it has a tiny rock wall to climb up to the slide (all toddler sized.) It keeps her strong! Briella also likes to play with the flash cards. It's so exciting to see her proud of herself. I'll ask her to hand me the tree and she will pick it out of a pile of flash cards. 

She has the biggest smile and a pretty bubbly laugh. But she is also very strong willed and voices her unhappiness when she doesn't get her way. Example I'm doing dishes & she gets the cookies out of the cabinet. Then mean ole mom puts the cookies up because it's before lunchtime. Then Briella proceeds to throw herself backwards and scream like a typical toddler. 

I hope I'm painting a good picture of just how typical my untypical baby has turned out to be. She's now 23 months old! My little 23 weeker is 23 months! 
Now I'd like to share something else with you: http://www.briellasjourney.com/2014/09/do-you-know-what-today-means-to-us.html?m=1

Briella playing in the sand in Florida

Super Briella! France, Florida & DC!

Love her silly face

On the lookout for butterflies

Family pic at a wedding in Nebraska

Omaha Zoo

At a clinic visit

Briella's 1st KC Royals game!

Brie & a penguin at the KC Zoo

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