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Friday, December 14, 2012

The First Bottle!!

Yesterday was hard. It's no fun to watch your kiddo hold her breath and turn colors. She just was too worn out to remember to breath, from her vaccines the day before. The blood work they did at 3 had to be redone at 5 due to by the time it arrived to the lab, her blood was clotted. So they took more blood out of her teeny body. One test showed normal and a second showed elevated numbers meaning her body was fighting something. They repeated the test this morning and her numbers were the same. Which is good. They didn't want to see the numbers go up. So we are chalking it up to her body fighting the vaccines and being worn out. Today she hasn't had any spells and is getting on her way back to greatness.

I finally wore down the nurses asking everyday to bottle feed! The dr agreed to let us try and I pushed for today. They said she could try for 30 minutes. She usually gets her feeding over an hr. Well guess what? Lil Miss Briella finished 36s of her 39 mls in the time frame!!! She was able to suck, swallow and breath at the same time!! She had 2 big burps too! We are so incredibly proud and expected nothing less of our little over achiever. This is the last mountain (hopefully) we have to climb before coming home!! They will feed her by bottle once in the morning and once at night so that she isn't getting too worn out. Then tube feed in between.

Please pray that Brie continues to stay infection free. That she tolerates bottle feeding and does not aspirate.

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