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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vaccination Day

Yesterday Briella had her vaccinations. They gave her 3 shots. 1 of the shots was the 3 in 1 combo shot. I requested that she be given sugar water before. It gives her a rush of endorphins. Afterwards, she was very worn out from screaming and tired from the Tylenol. Her temp stayed a little too warm through the night and she was checked every half hour.

When we arrived to the hospital this morning, we learned that she has been having a hard day. Briella is having a lot of spells and periodic breathing consistently. On top of already having spells, she is getting ready to have her eye exam. They stick metal prongs under her eye lids, so eye day is never a good one.

On a good note Brian and I completed our CPR class this morning. Another step closer to going home.

Briella did gain weight last night. She is now 2023 grams and 4 pounds 7 ounces!!

Please pray that Briella is strengthened and is able to tolerate the eye exam and vaccines. Also pray that her breathing returns to normal an she gets back on the right track soon.

Update 1pm: it looks as most of her spells are during and after feedings. So she has 2 hours of spells, then 1 hour of rest. Her eye exam went as expected. Dr sai her eyes are still maturing. They are more mature than they were 3 weeks ago. Santa stopped by again to try and make her smile. He gave her her 1st candy cane.

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