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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Double Digits!!!

Briella has passed the 10 pound mark!!! 4 days ago she was 10 lbs 2oz! I am so proud! It also makes me a little sad, she is getting so big. I want to enjoy having a "baby" forever. Knowing this is my last baby is a little depressing. She's growing up too quick!!
When Briella is on her stomach, a handful of times she has flopped over to her back. Her eyes are doing well following objects and she is able to look at things longer. Before her brain couldn't process what she was looking at for more than a couple seconds. Now she will just stare at me, or the object & it's a great feeling. She is improving all around.
We had our last in home nurse visit this week. Briella is gaining weight well enough that they are not overly concerned. She is still having large amounts of spit up/vomit, but since she's gaining weight it's not a huge concern.

Briella is on 2 billboards in the Kansas City area, specifically 435 on the south side just west of Nall & I-35 & 89th street. We took her out to the Nall billboard Friday since it was over 80 degrees. I wanted to get a picture of her in front of it for her baby book. When we got back home we took Briella on her first walk around the neighborhood. It was her first real time outside.
I am just enjoying life so much right now. It feels indescribable to be at home with both girls. I am so thankful!! This week was Spring Break for big sister Aubrey. She was able to spend a whole week really spending quality time with her sis. We converted our formal dining room to the girls playroom. I was scared to give up such a pretty room, but so glad I did, we are running out of space. It will get used way more now.

Briella took 2nd place in the Hy-Vee baby contest! We had over 6000 votes!! Thank you all so much! We feel so loved! I have already printed out much of the contest for her baby book.

Next week starts the busy life of therapy appointments & drs visits. It has taken awhile to get into the clinic, but Tuesday Briella starts at the Special Care clinic at Children's Mercy Hospital.

Spring is going to be so amazing! Windows open, baby cooing, walks, playing in water... Much needed outdoor time. I pretty much missed late spring & summer last year so I am excited to catch up on some vitamin D! It's so crazy for me to think about the last 12 months. The husband and I went away to France so I could FINALLY meet all my family, before we had another child and couldn't travel. Then started the extreme morning sickness. Then I had 2nd degree burns all over my stomach and went to the burn clinic every several days for 2 weeks. Then a week after my stomach healed, I was back to work, not feeling so sick & ready to have a productive summer and boom life throws another curve ball. Bedrest for 9 weeks before miss Briella was born. My OB never thought I would get as far as I did. She reminded me every appointment that 24 weeks was far away. I never made it to 24 weeks but dang I tried hard. And my little girl who is the strongest person I know tried even harder to come home to her family.
And we lived happily ever after.

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