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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Briella's 1st Cold

Well Briella decided to give her immune system a test. Low grade fever started on Thursday night. It continued through the weekend with no other symptoms. We were hopeful she was just teething. Monday morning the congestion started so we took her to a children's hospital immediately. She tested negative for RSV, thank God. They took blood & urine samples & they came back fine. It was determined she had a virus & her body is handling it as it should. Her breathing was good & oxygen levels good, so we were allowed to go back home and watch her there. I am SO proud of her! I cannot believe she is fighting this off!
The hospital called back yesterday morning & said we need to go into our doctors to retest the urine. So we did. We found out that a bacteria, Alpha Strep, had grown from her urine culture. We are praying that the original sample w as contaminated. We should know by Friday afternoon. I will update when I find out.

Also, please pray for Briella's hearing to improve. Right now, her brain cannot comprehend what her ears hear. She isn't deaf, but there is a possibility of her needing hearing aids for several years until her brain develops enough to allow hearing. Again, we do not believe it has to do with the ears but neurological.

Please pray that Briella's weight gain improves. At the hospital they measured her at 12lbs 4oz, however at the drs she was only 11lbs 11oz. Two days apart.

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