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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Painting Party

Last night I had a small painting party to re-celebrate my 30th birthday. It was SO nice to be around friends & not worry about wearing masks!!!
My sister in law is an elementary school teacher. The art teacher at her school does painting parties for adults on the side. Jennifer donated a portion of the night to the March of Dimes, so it turned a fun night into helping babies!
Jennifer has the perfect personality to do these parties. She was fun & made us feel like we were really all artists. 
I went into this party not even able to draw stick figures, but I left with a piece I call the "Tree of Life" and have placed it on a shelf in Briella's room. It made my heart melt that Briella just stared at it smiling trying to figure out the new addition. The canvas was pretty big, I believe 16x20. 
We had cookie cake, cupcakes, chocolate chex mix, lots of sangria and more important great company. 
If you want have a memorable night then I would highly recommend Jennifer! She will bring the party to you. 
Here is a link to Jennifer's blog post about last night- http://fth14.blogspot.com/2014/04/stacy-march-of-dimes-painting-party.html
And here is all the info on booking a party with her! 
Lastly, here is Jennifer's Painting Party Facebook Page-

My painting:

My mom's painting:

Jamie's painting:

Lisa's painting:

Katie's painting:

Brandy's painting:

Kristina's painting:

Group picture:

Instructor Jennifer's painting:

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