We Are Walking in Honor of Briella. Please Help Us Meet Our Goal.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This Week

We have such a thrilling week coming up!!! We started off our morning with a LIVE in the studio appearance on KCTV5's Better KC segment. We were speaking about the March of Dimes, and how without their help Briella would not be home with us today. Briella wanted to get off the couch and run around the studio and was not happy Dad tried to make her sit still. So she pretty much fussed the entire interview. Oh well. I'm just happy she is here & has the strength to make her desires known. 

Sunday is the BIG day!! The day we hope all of our family and friends will meet us at the Power & Light District by 9am to show support for a cause that saved our daughter. We will be speaking at the Live stage inside P&L at about 9:30am. Give yourself some time to find parking. It's supposed to be in the 70s, couldn't ask for more beautiful weather! Wear purple if you have it! And be sure to stick around to be apart of a big group picture, I'd love to keep the picture for Briella's baby book showing her everyone that came out to support. 

There is still time to make your donation! 

And be on the look out for some very exciting pictures next week!!!!

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