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Thursday, September 13, 2012

21 Weeks Drs Appt

Baby girl's heartbeat was great! It was so loud this week! She has started to move higher up in my stomach. Now if we can just get that placenta to move up!

I found out that I am anemic since I have bled so much. Basically no big deal, just take an iron supplement. But that is why I have been so tired & weak.

I asked a couple of clarifying questions of things we discussed last week. I asked that since my previa was downgraded to marginal previa if that meant my threat of delivering really early went away. Dr said no, the threat remains until the bleeding stops, which won't happen until the placenta moves up. So please pray that the bleeding stops & placenta moves away from cervix.

I also asked if since everything looked good on the ultrasound if that mean we are out of the woods & if the Neural Tube Defect test could be a false positive. Again she said no. She said that the spine didn't show any major defect, but there are things that aren't as easy to pick up on the ultrasound at this stage in pregnancy. We will have another growth scan in a couple weeks & look for possibly a hernia in the stomach area that protrudes from the skin. That would require the baby to have surgery after she was born. But the surgery is not life threatening to a healthy full term baby. The other possibility is that there is something minimally wrong with the spine. Maybe a small area that was not completely fused at 3 weeks.

3 weeks is when we found out we were pregnant. What a journey this has been already!!! At 6 weeks the severe morning sickness started. At 10 weeks I got 2nd degree burns on my stomach from a clothes steamer. At 14 weeks my morning sickness went away. At 15 weeks I started spotting & dealing with the current problems. So I have had 4 great weeks of enjoyable pregnancy so far. And I am grateful for them!

This week Brian, Aubrey & I celebrated our 1st Anniversary!! Brian cooked a great dinner at home. I was craving chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes & green beans. And we had leftover wedding cake that we had brought back from Jamaica. I had forgotten how different Jamaican chocolate cake was! So Brian & I had one bite each & gave the rest to Aubrey, who happily ate it all.

I don't have to go back to the Drs. for 2 weeks, so hopefully we won't have any updates before our 23 week appt. only 3 more weeks until Briella is viable!
Thank you so much for all the prayers!!!

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