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Monday, September 10, 2012

Her Name.....

Well I was pretty adamant about having her first name be a French name. That is how I found Aubrey's name, on a French baby name website. Most of you know that my Grandmother was born & raised in France. So I narrowed the list from the website down to about 50 of my favs. I told Brian to pick out the names he liked and the ONLY name he picked out was......Brielle. After about a week of contemplating Brielle, we decided on Briella because it gave us an extra nickname, & Brian wouldn't even consider a name unless it could be shortened or had a nickname. So for Briella, we can call her Bri, Brielle, Elle, or Ella. Since a lot of people call Brian "Bri" we liked the idea of Briella being shortened to "Bri" (pronounced Bree).

We have not settled on a middle name. I really have pushed for a name that has meaning to me. Colette is the patron Saint of Corbie, the village my grandmother grew up in. After traveling to Corbie this year, I have fallen in love with Corbie & all of their history. St Colette was given her sainthood because she frequently performed miracles for women who were unable to conceive, had a hard time carrying the child to term & bringing stillborn babies back to life with her prayers. So I feel that this name has significance to us & not just in family history.
Brian doesn't dislike it, just waiting to see if anything else strikes his liking.

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