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Friday, September 28, 2012

A hectic day

I am so appreciative of every single comment, message, thought & prayer. It really helps give me strength when I feel I'm all out. Yesterday was pretty uneventful, just tried to rest.
Today's blood work showed my hemoglobin went up 1 point so I didn't have to have a blood transfusion.
Around 8:30am I started bleeding heavy again. Then came the contractions again. I was put on 2 pain meds & the contractions stopped around 3:30pm. However bleeding is picking up. I am so wore out emotionally. Brian is so strong. He reminds me that I can't give up. We have 5 days to get through before they will move me to the level 3 nicu hospital. Right now it's just an hour by hour situation. The nurses say just wait & see if I will deliver today. They said it will happen pretty quick. It's so hard to think I'm only a week a way to good odds of her survival. But it's not looking like we will make it. They said they will put a little hat on her & give her to us to snuggle with. Please pray that we are able to cope with whatever life brings. And pray hard for us to get to 24 weeks.
Thank you all again for every single comment.


  1. Stacy, my heart hurts for the emotional ache that you are going through. Stay strong! You and Briella will strive past this. I am sending out all the positive energy I can muster and placing it into the universe in hopes that things will not only get better but will continue to get better with each passing moment. You are incredible and I'm sure that little lady your cooking can't wait to meet you. I'd bet she can hold out for at least a few more weeks though. Stay positive little missy.
    Can't stop thinking about you and Briella's safety, Randi Larimore

  2. I believe in a big and amazing God. May He surround you with peace, strength and comfort. Take care of yourself, BTW, Aubrey's having a blast playing with the kdis. - Anna

  3. I just started reading your blog & have been getting caught up. I'm speechless & have no idea what to write you but do want to know that I'm thinking about you all & Briella. We'll be praying you all hold on a little longer & that you & your family can keep strong through this unbelievable time. Whitney


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