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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nov 1st- Briella's 4 Weeks Old

Briella is doing better after she had the blood transfusion. They said it was like if you were extremely anemic and just so tired and couldn't move. She was too tired to breath. Today she has had half as many apneas as yesterday.

She had her first eye exam today and it went well. She has no ROP. They will do another exam in a month. Apparently she was so mad at the exam she screamed so loud her nurse could hear her in another room. I've never heard her sound loud. She also pulled out her feeding tube since she was so riled up.

Tonight my Dad planned a birthday party for Briella. She is 4 weeks today! He got her a cake and birthday cake flavored ice cream. It was great to be able to celebrate how far she has come.


  1. Thats so sweet! Happy 4 Weeks Briella! What a great milestone!!

  2. Glad to hear about the ROP. Happy b-day sweet Briella! Love the cake. :)


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