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Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Came Early For Us!!

Briella's heart PDA/murmur is sounding softer!! I am sooo happy I could scream. She had a new nurse last night & a new one this morning. Neither nurse even charted a murmur on her paperwork because they didn't hear one! I told the day nurse what the dr said about it sounding softer and she said she didn't even know she had one. I told her that for the last month everyone has said how loud it is when they listen to it. So it sounds like a huge improvement. Thank you God!

Briella is a whopping 1 pound 15 ounces! She looks so big to us! She has stayed the same weight the last 2 nights. Now that her murmur is closing they can up her dose of food quite a bit. They were restricting her liquids to try and prevent fluids in the lungs. Hopefully now she can start putting on the pounds :)

Briella had her 1 month head ultrasound today.....and..... Her brain bleed is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No evidence of blood in her brain at all!

I finally caught her smile on camera!!! I had to sit with the camera pointed towards a mirror & tell her story after story. The one that got her to smile was when I was telling her about the play area I was making for her & her Sissy. I told her that her sister can't wait to read her books.

Many prayers of thanksgiving from our house tonight!!!!!!

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