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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

36 weeks/13 weeks

Haven't updated in a few too many days so where to start?
Lets see, Friday I was able to participate in Briella's first day of N-trainer therapy. She gets it 3 times a day and she is in the group we were hoping for! There is a pacifier on the end of a probe hooked to a computer that sends little pulses of vibration in her mouth to help her with learning to suck, swallow & breathe all together.

Saturday I was bottle feeding Brie in the afternoon. She did an ok job, didn't finish it all so she had the remaining through her feeding tube. While I was holding her, staring at her, she made her choking face where her eyes close hard and I sat her up. I could hear her choking on the milk. Her heart rate dropped and her oxygen level went down to the 30s. She turned completely purple and I could see her eye rolling back in her head. I had Brian jump up and turn the wall oxygen on and grab the bag to put over her as she was crashing fast. The nurse came in at that time and stuck a bulb syringe down her mouth so she would spit out the milk. She then came back up on her numbers. Her flap in her throat had closed to prevent her body from aspirating, but it was preventing her from breathing, too. I stayed decently calm during the event, but afterwards I was really shaken up. Whew, again I thought I was going to watch as they attempted to revive my child. So glad for the nurses here!

Sunday was a good day. She attempted the bottle a couple times and gave a good effort but not finishing any bottles.

Monday, here in Kansas City we got a couple inches of snow. Maybe up to 4". I decided not to risk driving all the way to the hospital with the streets being slick so I stayed home with Aubrey and pouted about not being able to see Brie. Around the evening time, I really got upset. When I'm not running back and forth to the hospital I have too much time to think about things. I REALLY wished I had just gone to the hospital and just stayed the night in the chair next to her bed. Briella also received her 2nd N-trainer therapy session.

Today Briella was moved rooms. We moved from Tulip Lane down to Daisy Drive. It is a smaller room and it doesn't have an actual door that closes like our last one does. It does not have a window either. We do have a curtain that we can pull shut. We were moved because we are now a Level 2 baby instead of a level 3! 3 requiring the most help. So I am happy for this move regardless.

Briella received her synagis shot today. We were supposed to get it right before discharge but there have been a couple babies in the NICU that have come down with RSV so they are protecting all babies born under 32 weeks with this shot. It's a $2100 shot that she will have to have monthly, but a max of 5 times. It will help prevent RSV, and if they contract it, it won't be so bad. RSV is a life threatening battle preemies are hugely at risk for. I am so scared of her getting it when we get home. Our whole family will be in isolation when we get home. Online purchases will become our lifeline with limited trips to the grocery store.

As of last night, Miss Briella is 5 pounds and 15 ounces. So we are guessing we will have a 6lb baby in the next day or so! And I really don't want to jinx anything, but she didn't have a spell all day yesterday and so far not today! She has taken her bottles a decent amount. Not finishing them, but being more coordinated with the suck, swallow, breathe. We are getting ready to try our 3rd bottle of the day! They will now let her try 3x a day!
The doctor came in to talk to us to make sure we have taken our discharge class. He says he predicts she has a couple weeks left. He asked if we were wanting to room in and I said yes. Parents that have been involved in the baby's care for as long as we have don't always have to, but I want that 1 night of being here and just knowing that there is a nurse here while we care for her on our own. Exciting times!!!!!

I think that the N-trainer therapy is helping her!

Please pray that Briella stays infection & RSV free, that her eyes continue to develop and she stays healthy.

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