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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 97

After another visit from the physical therapist we learned that Briella is now favoring the opposite side of her neck then she did 2 weeks ago. Also, she is very stiff. Briella's shoulders are too far back. That will give her trouble when it comes time to push herself up. Her hips are too forward. We now do exercises before every feeding.

The specialist came to assess Brie about the crater in the roof of her mouth. She gave us tips and basically said it will probably take her awhile to learn. We have been trying the bottle since December 14th.

Briella's last day of N-trainer therapy is Friday. I do believe it has helped. Today she took 50 out of 58 ml's for me!!! She had no spells! I was so happy & proud. She stayed awake for over an hour and a half and was too tired the next feeding, she took 12.

Briella is no longer in preemie clothes!!!!! I cannot believe it!! It was bitter sweet for me. I thought I would be bringing home a little preemie. I really didn't want to bring any newborn clothes to the hospital. I wanted them to be special and just for home. I felt the same way about her mobile. I can't explain why really, just that her whole life has been at the hospital and I wanted some things to be special. But I guess 0-3 month clothing can be special :)
And to be honest, I only took newborn clothes that had been passed down from sister. All her new clothes I left at home. If she decides she needs to be at the hospital a couple more months then I will bring them. I'm soooo ready to be home. Having Briella in a different state at night is the hardest. For those who didn't know, we live in Missouri and Briella is in a hospital in Kansas about 35 minutes away. I really wish I could just drive up there to kiss her goodnight, then come home. But I am thankful for this hospital no matter how far away. If you haven't been around from the beginning, the hospital I was originally at close to my house was just going to put Briella in our arms and let her pass away. Without even trying oxygen! Wouldn't even transfer her! So we switched 4 days before she was born. Thank. God.

Please pray that Briella stays healthy & infection free. Pray that the ROP clears on its own, and that she learns the bottle correctly.

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