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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So Many Changes!!!

Yesterday Briella started showing signs of a feeding aversion. She is at a really high risk since she was born so early. There is nothing positive about them. Brie would have to have a feeding tube placed surgically in her stomach and could have it for years. She generally takes the bottle well for me when I'm here so they thought it would be a good idea for me to stay the night here and feed her myself every 3 hours. I was so excited because it would be the first time I was with her 24 hours straight since the day I was discharged from the hospital in early October.
Briella has taken 7 full feeding a for me. I was able to give her a bath & she now LOVES bath time!!! She was so happy!!! Last time I was here for a bath she screamed her little head off!
Well here's the exciting news. Apparently Miss Brie just needed her mama. I have been able to get her to take all of every bottle every three hours. They said Briella can room in tonight & go home tomorrow afternoon. However, during discharge paperwork they decided that she is close enough to 4 months that they need to do her 4month vaccinations before she goes home. So new plan is car seat study right now, vaccinations at noon. She will have 5! One of them is the synagis booster to help fight off rsv. Last time she had vaccinations at 2 months, it was horrible. She had soooo many spells they thought she was sick. But she wasn't, it was a bad reaction to the vaccines. So I will stay the night tonight again giving her all bottles. Then if she isn't having horrible reactions she will room in with Brian & I tomorrow night & home Thursday!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for praying last night!!! It looks like it is working!!!!



  2. Best news ever! I am so happy that this day is finally a reality for you guys! She looks so big and healthy!
    Sending love and light for your whole family from Manitoba, Canada!

  3. Praise God! Awesome news. Let us know if you need anything. Anna

  4. I am so happy for you and Briella! I know watching Alexa with the twins that you must feel even double the mix of emotions that come with this new step.

    You are a trooper and a great Mom for this awesome baby. Enjoy today. Tomorrow you get to deal with tomorrow. Don't get ahead of Miss Briella! Her life is a marathon, not a sprint. And you know how we finish a marathon.....one step at a time! Thanks for teaching many people about faith, love and patience :-)

    Love you and Aunt Sonia and I look forward to hugging you and holding Briella (and Aubrey) in May :-)

  5. I am sooooo happy for you.. I live in the UK and I've been following you and your family's story since Briella was born. I am delighted to hear she might be getting home tomoro... You sound like an amazing person and your daughter must be so proud of your strength. I am due my second baby tomoro and think you were due around the same time as me, I can't imagine having had my baby back in October! Wishing you all the best xxxxxxxxx


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