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Sunday, January 6, 2013

37 weeks gestation

We found out on Thursday that Briella has stage 1 ROP in both eyes in zone 2. We are hopeful it will resolve on its own. She doesn't have a follow up appointment for 3 weeks, which means the eye dr isn't too worried. This was her 4th eye exam.

Friday we surprised big sister with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor water park hotel). Grandma & Grandpa got us a night there so Aubrey could have one last fun outing before sis comes home and we are in isolation. We stopped at the hospital on the way to drop off some milk. Brian & Aubrey waited in the waiting room while I ran back to see Briella. I asked if Briella could be taken to the main hallway where her sister could see her through glass next to the elevators. The staff approved it as a one time thing. I was crying as soon as they said we could. Just so excited for my girls to see each other. Aubrey hadn't seen Briella since she was the length of a Barbie doll. Aubrey didn't know I was going to ask in case it couldn't happen. So I ran to the door and motioned to Brian for Aubrey to come over. The nurse had wheeled Briella to the hallway. We couldn't get close to the glass because of her security tag, but as soon as I picked Briella up and turned around Aubrey was running at us. She ran to the locked door and pulled on it with all of her might. Giving it a couple good tugs. The nurse went out and explained that she had to look at her from the glass since it was flu season, kids can't come in. Briella had her eyes closed the whole time, but Aubrey was so happy just waving and looking at her sissy. I asked her later that night what she was going to do when she went through that door and she said "I was going to give my sissy a hug!"

Saturday we moved to an actual crib! It is a lot bigger than the little newborn "crib." We were told that Briella can now have active time during the day. We brought in a bouncy chair and a mobile for her crib. Night time is going to be strictly business. Just eat, change diaper and back to bed. But during the day we can talk to mom and dad and she stays awake generally for at least an hour. She coos to us. Nothing more I love to hear than her "talk."

Yesterday we were told one of the reasons why Briella is having so much trouble learning how to eat. On top of being so early and having to figure out how to suck, swallow and breathe at the same time, she has a ridge in the top of her mouth that was caused by the tube from when she was on the ventilator. Her palate started forming and growing around the tube. She isn't able to get a good suction. It will fix itself over time. We are meeting with a speech specialist tomorrow who will tell us what we can do to help her.

The only thing left to do before home is take all 55ml every 3 hours by bottle.

Briella is 6lbs 5 ounces. She has now graduated from preemie diapers and is in newborn diapers!!!!!

Please pray that the ROP resolves itself and that Briella stays healthy & infection free.

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